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How to Remove Corrosion From Car Battery

Car Battery

Notice some corrosion on your vehicle’s battery when looking under the hood? While corrosion may be alarming, there’s no need to worry because once your battery is properly cleaned, and regularly maintained throughout its lifespan, it’ll be like new. So, you may be wondering, “how do I remove corrosion from my car battery?” The service team at Peter Pan BMW can help! Learn more about what battery corrosion looks like, where it comes from, and how to remove corrosion from a car battery with us today.

What Does Battery Corrosion Look Like?

Not many Redwood City drivers know what battery corrosion looks like or how it comes to be. That’s why our service team has created this guide! Battery corrosion can actually be detected a few different ways related to a car’s performance. If your vehicle has weaker power, you’ve been having trouble starting the car, or there’s a low voltage sign on the dashboard, these can be indicators of battery corrosion. If you notice any of these symptoms, make sure you let your vehicle cool off for about 30 minutes before you pop the hood to examine the battery. If the battery terminals are covered in a white (or it can sometimes appear as a mixture of blue, green, and teal) powdery substance, this is corrosion. While under the hood, it’s a good idea to also inspect for rust on other components.

What Causes Battery Corrosion?

So, what causes battery corrosion in Foster City? Ultimately, time is the primary cause of battery corrosion. Since your battery is constantly being heated up and cooled down as the motor runs, it releases hydrogen gases through ventilation. As these gases are released over time, they mix with the surrounding materials, producing a substance at the connection point. This substance is corrosion. Why does corrosion appear in the terminal? This occurs at the terminal because that’s where the car battery’s electric connection is located.

How to Clean Corrosion From a Car Battery

No matter if you’re in Burlingame or beyond, if you see corrosion, you’ll want to get rid of it. There are two ways to do this. You can either purchase a battery cleaning solution from your local auto parts store, or you can create your own solution with items right in your home. When completing either, you’ll want to make sure to wear gloves, goggles, and a respiratory mask to protect yourself as you’ll be working around battery acid, electric currents, and rust. Learn how to remove corrosion from a car battery below. Check out our instructions for each solution option you could use when you clean car battery corrosion:

Professional Battery Cleaner

  1. Spray cleaner on the corroded parts of the battery
  2. Use a wire brush to clean the areas until all of the corrosion is removed

Homemade Battery Cleaner

  1. Remove the connectors from the terminal
  2. Pour baking soda on the corroded areas to neutralize the acids
  3. Add water to catalyze the reaction
  4. Dry with a paper towel
  5. Brush the corroded areas with a scrub sponge

After you finish removing corrosion from your car battery terminals, you can use a rust inhibitor spray, a spray-on battery protector, or an anti-corrosion gel to avoid future corrosion.

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After learning how to remove corrosion from a car battery, be sure to get other aspects of your vehicle inspected. Contact our service center to schedule an appointment, to learn more service tips, and much more!

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