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What is the Recommended BMW Tire Pressure?

Tire Pressure Check

Most BMW tire pressure guidelines will tell you to keep your tires at around 32 PSI (pounds per square inch). If you want to be sure that you hit the right number, you can check your owner’s manual or use the sticker located on the inside edge of your driver’s door. With proper tire pressure, you’ll enjoy more peace of mind on all of your San Francisco-area drives.

How to Check Tire Pressure

Most new BMW vehicles come equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) that will alert you to any issues automatically. However, you should still know how to check tire pressure manually, in a pinch:

  • Start the process when your BMW tires are cold, and not immediately after a drive.
  • Unscrew the valve stem cap, and find a safe place to set it down.
  • Attach the tire pressure gauge to the valve stem by pressing down firmly
  • You should see your tire air pressure appear in a matter of moments
  • If the gauge reads at or close to the 32 PSI mark, you’re good to go. If it’s low, you can add more air using any air compressor, or even a bicycle pump.
  • If your tires are overfull, you can let out some air by pressing down on the center plunger in the valve stem.
  • Make sure to replace the valve stem cap after you’re done!

Don’t forget to check the pressure on your BMW spare tire, too! If your tire pressure monitor is going off as you drive around Redwood City and Burlingame, low air pressure in the spare may be to blame.

Why Proper Tire Pressure is Important

Your tires just might be the most important safety feature on your vehicle! Following proper BMW tire pressure guidelines will help you:

  • Reduce the risk of flat tires and blowouts
  • Reduce wheel spin and excess friction, extending your tire life
  • Allow you to drive more safely and efficiently

Tire pressure can have a major impact on your traction. Make sure to double-check yours before you take advantage of the BMW X3 towing capacity.

Tire Care Tips

Are you just starting to build out your BMW tire care regimen? Here’s what else you should do on a daily basis:

  • Visually inspect your tire walls and tire treads for signs of wear
  • Track how often you have to put air in your tires, since frequent refills can indicate a slow leak
  • Keep up with other important services, including tire rotation and wheel alignment
  • Check your tire pressure after any major temperature changes

Need help caring for your tires? Want an expert opinion? Schedule service at Peter Pan BMW today.

Expert BMW Tire Care is Available at Peter Pan BMW

If you’re ready to start taking better care of your tires, count on the Peter Pan BMW team to have your back. We can also help you learn how to check your oil level. Chat online or call us at (650) 410-8502 to get the answers to any questions on your mind, and pick up anything you need at our San Mateo parts department! Be sure to explore our other BMW tips and tricks, like our guide to BMW X5 accessories or about the BMW warning lights.

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